Overnight House and Cat Sitting

Professional Cat Care in Santa Cruz County

Pop-in and Overnight visits are my most requested service because it ensures your cat’s health and happiness while you’re away. If you have cats that require insulin or Sub-Q fluids then this service is perfect and saves you the high cost of placing your cat in a boarding facility.

My clients enjoy receiving the photos or videos, along with “news from home” about the pop-in visits and mail, newspaper, packages, and watering of indoor and outdoor plants will be taken care of as well. This service also keeps your home looking active and occupied.

It’s recommended to book as early as possible for overnights and when there is no availability, then consider one or two Pop-in visits a day. Arrive home, you will find that your cats are healthy and happier.

Just say NO to boarding forever!

Keeping your feline home is really the best alternative to boarding and Pop-ins can provide your feline with fresh food, water, treats and a clean litter box. If your cat will respond to love, petting and playtime that’s wonderful.

However, there are those cats that simply watch the pet sitter from a distance until they leave. These cats who wish not to interact with the pet sitter will still receive love, as a few treats will be hidden in unusual places which will intrigues your cat! Be sure to make available your approved cat treats.

We cannot accept “every other day” requests or sits where other people are also stopping by. Both situations invalidates our insurance policy requirements.

Just perfect for 1 to 2 cats!

Pop-In visits are no less than 20-minutes and often extending to 30-minutes. Daily Pop-In’s cover the basic needs of cats and still have time to encourage your cat to play.

Pet sitter will also send you “news from home” via a text with a photo of your cats to let you know they are doing well. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll take it from there.

Pet Sitting for Multiple Pets

Have multiple cats or cats and dogs, bunny, fish and birds. Then book Extended visits, this gives enough time for all your pets to receive fresh water, food, clean cage or cat box. It also give the necessary time to administering medications, love and playtime. Come home to happy and healthy pets!

We cannot accept “every other day” requests or sits where other people are also stopping by. Both situations invalidate our insurance policy requirements.

All services start off with a...

Complimentary Meet & Greet!

Meeting you and your pets at your residence gives us both the opportunity to discuss your pet’s needs. Most importantly, it allows me to meet your pet(s) before my overnight stay or pop-in pet care.
During the meet and greet, I can obtain general house information, receive a set of keys and go over and questions you may have.
When requesting “Overnight House and Pet-sitting” let me know and dates will be held only until our meeting. If you choose not to book requested held dates at that time, dates will be released for other clients.

Can’t Put a Price on Peace of Mind

We take great pride in the personalized cat sitting services we offer and close attention we provide to both you and your cat when you book a cat sit with us. We’re certain once you’ve experienced us, you will love what we do and how we do it.

Cat's are unique and our services too!

Services vary based on what the owner needs for their kitty-cat and fees are based on a variety of factors, such as time and the number of cats, as well as any special services your cats requires.

Please take a moment to give us a Call at 831-588-2329 or book a Meet and Greet. New clients need to book a few days before date of departure to avoid disappointment.


While You Are Away

Your cat will receive reliable care and if two daily visits are necessary we can schedule am and pm visits. If by some chance your usual pet sitter is unavailable, either due to heavy holiday bookings, illness or vacation, there’s always other pet care providers available.

Additional fees

For giving Insulin and SubQ Fluids since we stay longer under these special circumstances you will need to book the Enhanced Pop-in visit.

Please let us know your concerns during our meet and greet. Call or text Susan 831-588-2329 or email Susan@SusansHouseAndPetsitting.com for additional information or availability.

Services offered to cat owners

Pop-In Cat Care Visits

Food and water bowls will be cleaned and refilled, litter box will be cleaned and changed as needed and tons of love and affection will be offered to your kitty-cat.  

Offering pop-in visits starting at 20/30 minutes. This gives your cat plenty of attention at every visit along with taking care of food, water and cat-box cleaning.

Most client with one or two cats choose 20/30 minute visits once a day, while others with two or more cats or that required medication choose two 20/30 minute visits a day.   

Cats that require medication

Owners will be given a form to fill out so that any special instructions that would be necessary for the pet sitter. This will insure that the cats’ routine stays the same. 

The goal for your pet sitter goal is to keep your cat happy and healthy while you’re away.  You will however receive “News from Home” via text messages with updates and photos. Enjoy your vacation hopefully worry-free!

What if my cat has a medical Emergencies?

If your cat requires veterinary care the pet sitter will contact you first unless it is an emergency. The cat comes first so you’ll be contacted as soon as possible. If the issue is not an emergency, you will be contacted and give you the information of the situation, so you can decide if you cat should be seen by your vet.

No more boarding your cat! 

Book a Meet and Greet today! 

Your cat will thank you!

And you’ll see the difference when you return home.

Top Frequently Asked Cat Sitting Questions

Do you charge for Meet and Greet Consultation?
No charge for first meeting. However, if you require additional meetings, then yes there is a charge. These additional meetings may be needed before departure or when you return, to pick-up or drop-off keys. Please feel free to book a free meet and greet if you are seriously considering booking.
How much in advance should I book my sit?
As early as possible. However, Pop-in visits don’t require too much advanced notice, unless it’s during the holidays. Current client can simply book on line or text Susan at 831-588-2329 and request dates for pop-in visits.

Clients who do not keep keys on file with us will need to book a date several days before in order to pick-up keys. In addition, a second booking to return the keys will be necessary. Keys will not be left inside nor outside the home.

If we have your keys on file then we can usually respond to emergency requests and start your sit the same day if necessary. During holiday-zone dates the more notice the better is always best, since demand is greater.

Who will have access to my home and my keys?
Susan and NO one else, unless she’s unavailable. All keys are locked in metal fireproof boxes when they are not in use and not labeled with any information that could link the key to a client.
Can I just hide my keys outside for you?
Hiding keys outside presents liability and security issues for your home and pets.
Will you visit my cat every other day instead of daily?
Cats can get into trouble quickly as they run through the home, up on counters, etc. and cats can become gravely ill suddenly. Therefore, it’s required that there be no less than a daily visit and a requirement of our insurance agreement.
Someone else is also caring for my cat while I am away. Is this ok?
No. I’m sorry. It’s always best to have one person caring for your cat. This is to insure that no signs are missed, like changes in eating and litter box activity can also be monitored. Any changes are clues to illness and liability issues come into play when others are sharing responsibility for your cat and your home.
Why do I need to check in when I return home?
It’s required that you send a text to 831-588-2329 so we know your home. We will not assume you are back home. There are times when flights are delayed, especially when traveling internationally.

Should you become ill while traveling, or want to extend your travel dates be sure to notify Susan as soon as possible. If you do not check-in stating that your home, another visit will be made and you will be responsible for the charge and any additional visits.

Why do you charge a fee for shopping trips?
If your cat runs out of supplies, we will gladly get more. However, since a shopping trip takes as much time (or more) than a pop-in visit and pay for supplies, there will be a charge, plus cost of the items, to compensate pet sitter provider time and out of pocket expense. It’s best to prepare all the items your pet will require to avoid additional cost, especially at holiday time when pet sitter provider are booked from early morning through late into the evening, and lines at the stores are long.
How long are Pop-In visits?

Pop-In visits are no less than 20-minutes and often extending to 30-minutes. Daily Pop-In’s cover the basic needs of all pets. Including playtime and plenty of affection!

Will I get updates while I am away?
Pet sitter will also send you “news from home” via a text with a photo of your pets to let you know they are doing well. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll take it from there.

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