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Professional Pet Care in Santa Cruz County

Susan’s House & Pet Sitting offers personalized care that includes all of your pet’s needs, with plenty of love and attention!

Overnight House and Pet Sitting

Overnight house and pet sitting bookings offers the pet owner peace of mind knowing that there is, not only someone loving and caring for their beloved pets, but also someone in the home. Mail, newspapers, packages all be picked up and taken into the house.

This service also includes the pet owner receiving “News from Home” with photos of how your pets are doing. Clients really love this part of this service, it helps them to relax and truly enjoying your vacation, knowing that your pets are happy and healthy while you’re away and return home to happy pets!

Alternative Pet Care

The alternative pet care service is offered when there is an over-lap between one pet sit booking to another, with regards to Overnight house and pet sitting bookings -or- when there is no availability for Overnight house and pet sitting.

These visits called alternative pet care called Breakfast – Midday – Dinner and Tuck-in. If you have a “doggy-door” then no less than 3 visits a day would be needed. No “doggy-door” then 4 visits will be required in order to insure pets are happy and healthy while you’re away.

Pop-In Visits

These are perfect when you 1 and up to 3 pets and simply require that the dog get a walk through the neighborhood, food and fresh water for all pets. For cats food, water, treats and box cleaned . Have fish or birds? Then a sprinkles of fish food or fresh water and bird seeds for your feathered friends. And of course some love and attention.

Extended Visit

This service is for pet owners with multiple pets. Pets that require Sub-Q fluids, medications, outdoor bird feeders, water garden and potted plants, etc., all requiring more time.

All services start off with a...

Complimentary Meet & Greet!

Meeting you and your pets at your residence gives us both the opportunity to discuss your pet’s needs. Most importantly, it allows me to meet your pet(s) before my overnight stay or pop-in pet care.
During the meet and greet, I can obtain general house information, receive a set of keys and go over and questions you may have.
When requesting “Overnight House and Pet-sitting” let me know and dates will be held only until our meeting. If you choose not to book requested held dates at that time, dates will be released for other clients.

Services and Prices

Aptos, Capitola, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Mts., Scotts Valley and Soquel
Overnight house and pet sitting
Alternative Visits are 30 to 45 mins
Pop-in Visits are 20 to 30 mins
Extended Visits 60 mins
Extended Visits 90 mins

Increase for all areas during HOLIDAY-ZONE dates. For specific dates, click here.

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I want to let everyone know that Susan’s House and Pet Sitting is here to provide you with pet care services and has put into place all the precautions to keep you, your pet safe during this time, by following advice from Public Health Authorities.


Individual essential supplies have been packaged in order to provide myself with the following: gloves, mask and sanitary wipes for each home I enter for Pop-In Pet Care Visits.


For Overnight House and Pet Sitting again essential supplies for the duration have been put into place so that all areas used by pet sitter, including doorknobs, handles, kitchen and bathroom surfaces will be cleaned regularly using sanitary spray or wipes and again upon leaving.


Please let us know if you or someone in your home is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms so I can work with you to avoid contact. I want everyone to be safe and stay healthy! 


Please contact Susan’s House and Pet Sitting if there is anything, I can do to accommodate your pet care needs during this time.


Thank you,



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